Our Commitment to Consistency and Reliability

At J&K Cabinetry, our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional cabinetry – it's about a promise kept. Our goal is to be your most consistent and reliable cabinetry provider so that you can ensure every one of your jobs and projects are finished on time - everytime.

5 - 7 Day Average Lead Time

We pride ourselves in having one of the most consistent and reliable lead times in the cabinetry industry. Due to our large warehouses and operations team we can fulfill orders efficiently.

Over 250,000+ Sq Ft of Combined Warehousing Space

Our team is constantly expanding our network of warehousing space. The more space we have - the more we can service you and your business. We have several new warehouses and locations opening up within this year!

Over 6+ Months Of IN-Stock Inventory Ready To Be Assembled

We make sure that we can supply any and every job that our client's can provide. We consistently invest heavily into keeping a large of ready-to-pull inventory at each of our locations.

Additional Services

$20 cabinet assembly fee

Our warehouse team will assemble ANY cabinet regardless of size or the order quantity for $20 each!

$75 Semi-Custom modification fee

Due to our large collection of SKUs and sizes - we are able make semi-customizations to our cabinets at our warehouses.

free layout designs

Need help with completing designs? Let our professional design team do your kitchen or bathroom layout designs for you. Talk to our team to learn more about our process!

flexible claims process

We understand that accidents may occur during the ordering or delivery process so we make our claim process as efficient and hassle-free for your team as much as possible.

Contact Our Team

We will respond to your inquiry within a 24 hour period!

Please give your nearest location a call if you require an immediate response.

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