J&K Cabinetry

Welcome To J&K Cabinetry!

We have some great news
and a tiny bit of bad news...

The tiny bit of BAD NEWS is that we are a true wholesale company that can only sell directly to businesses like builders, contractors, or other cabinetry dealers.
The GREAT NEWS is that we will still help you with any of the following:
✔ Help you narrow down your choices when it comes to color and style
✔ Give you a FREE professionally designed kitchen or bathroom layout
✔ Refer you to one of our trusted local retailers that carry our cabinets in order to bring your vision to life

Why Choose J&K Cabinetry Over Other Cabinet Lines?

We believe we are the perfect middle ground for homeowners that want to make a solid investment in quality cabinetry that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank on a full-custom build.

Other RTA Brands

J&K Cabinetry

Use cheap materials like MDF, HDF, or Particle Boards
We only use Solid Birchwood or Plywood. It's the highest quality materials used in cabinetry.
Long lead times - It's typical to wait up to 8-12 weeks to get your order
On average we fulfill every order within 5-7 business days. Use your new cabinets faster!
Limited color options
17+ color options in multiple design styles. Find your perfect match.
Premium features cost extra or are non-existent
Premium features come standard across all of our cabinets. No additional cost!
Limited options when it comes to cabinets and sizes
One of the largest cabinetry lines in the country with sizes in nearly every 3"
No custom options on low end lines or very expensive full-custom lines
Semi-custom options without the expensive price tag of a full-custom line.

Our 3 Step Process
For Home Owners

Step #1:
Find Your Perfect Cabinets:

No need to spend hours browsing endless options. Our experienced designers will help you navigate styles, finishes, and features to find the perfect fit for your taste and budget.

Step #2:
Designed By A Pro:

Say goodbye to blank slates! Our complimentary design consultations will transform your ideas into a stunning layout that maximizes your space and functionality. 

Step #3:
Trusted Referral:

Skip the research and uncertainty. We'll connect you with reputable retailers in your area who offer J&K cabinets and excellent service. No more driving around or comparing prices! 

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