Other j&k cabinetry locations

Each J&K Cabinetry is an authorized wholesaler and they are all individually owned and operated. Disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Each location may not have the same colors, item SKUs, or operate the same as our locations (Texas & Nashville.)
Chicago, Illinois

1655 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Tel: 847-758-7808
Fax: 224-875-3350
Email: sales@jkcabinetry.net
Denver, Colorado

4860 Joliet Street
Denver, CO 80239

Tel: 303-996-6666
Fax: 303-296-3240
Email: sales@jk10cabinetry.com
Westbury, New York

750 Summa Ave
Westbury, NY 11590

Tel: 516-338-5588
Fax: 516-338-5688
Email: info@jkcabinetryny.com
Raleigh, North Carolina

3071 Business Park Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Tel: 919-872-3830
Fax: 919-872-4506
Email: sales@jkcabinetrync.com
Miami, Florida

1591 North Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Tel: 954-984-8585
Fax: 954-984-8713
Email: jk8info@gmail.com
Orlando, Florida

9643 Oak Crossing Rd
Orlando, FL 32837

Tel: 321-800-6888
Fax: n/a
Email: sales@jkcabinetryflorida.com
Quebec, Canada

1925 52e Avenue
Lachine , QC H8T 3C3

Tel: (514) 633-9899
Fax: (514) 633-1622
Email: info@jandkcabinetryto.com
Toronto, Canada

355 Garyray Drive
Toronto, ON M9L 1P6

Tel: 416-749-7490
Fax: 416-749-7491
Email: info@jandkcabinetryto.com