J&K Cabinetry


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the most common questions that we get at J&K Cabinetry! If you cannot find an answer to your question here please visit our contact us page or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and one of our team members will assist you!
How do I open an account?
Fill out the form on our Account Registration page to open an account or visit your local J&K Cabinetry showroom in person and one of our team members will help you set up an account.
Do you sell directly to homeowners or to the general public?
We are strictly a wholesale company so we can only sell our cabinets to other businesses. But we simply ask homeowners that are interested in our cabinetry to refer us their contractor, individual, or company that will be doing the installation for them and we are able to work directly with them in your stead.
Can I see the pricelist before opening an account?
Due to the nature of the wholesale business we require potential customers to open an account with us first to verify if they are an existing business prior to receiving our pricelist.
Do you offer custom cabinetry?
We do not offer custom cabinetry as our main focus is creating the highest quality and most extensive ready-to-assemble (RTA/Prefabricated) cabinetry line in the market. Due to our large collection of items we are able to offer semi-customizable options and have a large range of sizes for many of our most popular cabinetry that allows us to fulfill most projects that other RTA companies cannot.
Does J&K Cabinetry sell countertops?
We do not sell countertops! Our main focus is to become the best source for all cabinetry related needs.
Can you come out to do measurements or installations?
We do not offer services like onsite measurements or installations. Please contact your local J&K location for further information.
Can your team do kitchen or bathroom layout designs?
Absolutely! Once our customer has their color choices, measurements, and ideal layout choice; our team can create a professional layout design. Please contact your local J&K location to speak with a team member to get the process started.
Do you have door samples available?
Yes, we do! We typically have door and paint chip samples available at each location. Please contact your local J&K location to pick up or have them ship samples to you.
Where can I see all of the cabinets that are in your collection?
Visit our Catalog page to download our full Catalog that showcases all of our SKUs. We consistently add more SKUs to our collection and have semi-customizable options so if there is something that you cannot find in the Catalog that you are looking for - simply reach out to our team and we will help you find it or potentially create a similar item that fits.
Do all of your cabinets have premium features already included?
Yes! Unlike the big box stores where every additional feature is an upcharge; we added all the most sought after features standard across all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You can view all the details on our Cabinets page.

Soft Close Drawers, Dovetail Construction, Full Extension Drawers, Concealed Undermount Rails, Door Bumps, High Quality Metal Brackets,  Door Hinges- and more!
Do you have cabinets that we can stain or paint over?
All of our cabinets come finished with AkzoNobel high quality paint available in over 15+ different colors! We currently do not offer an unfinished or a line that will allow a clean base to paint over.

If this is something that you are interested in please make an inquiry to your local J&K location and we will notify you once we have something like that available.
Can I get a certain door style in a different color?
Because our cabinets are painted at the manufacturing level we are unable to offer custom colors or mix and match between styles. If we do receive large inquiries regarding a specific color in a different style (ex. Charcoal in Shaker style) then we can pass this feedback onto the manufacturer.
What type of wood or materials do you use in your cabinets?
All of our cabinets at J&K are constructed with solid Birchwood and plywood only. We do not use MDF or cheap particle boards in any of our construction.
What is your typical lead time for orders?
We pride ourselves in having one of the best lead times in the industry with an average of 5-7 day lead time on most orders. We have over 250,000+ combined square feet of warehousing space between our 4 locations with more on the way and months worth of inventory. We are able to source products from our own locations quickly to make sure that every customer gets their orders in a timely manner.
How do I maintain and keep my cabinets clean to ensure longevity?
Visit our Cabinet Care & Maintenance page to learn more!
Can you do delivery?
We have local trucks doing deliveries weekly for qualifying orders. Please contact your local J&K location to discuss your order or project to see what can be done!
What is your return or exchange policy for damaged or incorrect cabinets?
Our goal is to make sure that our customers (and our customer's customers) are happy with the cabinetry that we provide. If you received any damaged, incorrect, or missing cabinets please let our team know and we will happily work with your team to make things right.

Please contact your sales rep or your local J&K location with your order #, item #, and images/pictures to help speed up the process.
Do your cabinets have a warranty?
We offer a 5 Year Limited Warranty! Please visit our Warranty page for more details.