what makes our cabinets different than the others?

At J&K Cabinetry, we offer one of the most extensive solid wood RTA cabinetry collection in the nation! With over 15+ different colors, 500+ unique SKUs per color, and semi-customizable options we have the ability to fulfill nearly every type of project that we come across.

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designed to impress.
built to last.

All of J&K Cabinetry cabinets are built with solid birch wood and plywood only! We absolutely do not use any MDF, HDF, Particle boards or other cheap materials in any part of the construction. There may be more "cost effective" lines available in the market but our focus is providing the highest quality RTA cabinetry line for the mid range market.

quality over everything.

From every step of the manufacturing process starting from sourcing the wood to packaging of the cabinet pieces into the box - J&K Cabinetry makes sure that quality is the most important focus. Our cabinets are the best example of "more than meets the eye." Not only can you physically tell our wood construction is superior to others in the market; our cabinets line up exactly how they should be out of the box which is rare in this industry.

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premium features come standard on all of our cabinetry lines


Solid Wood Door Panel

3/4”-thick solid birch wood; full overlay door.
Plywood Box Construction

Full Plywood Box

1/2” to 5/8”-thick cabinet-grade plywood; clear coat finish on interior sides; matching color finish on exterior sides

Plywood Adjustable Shelf

5/8”-thick cabinet-grade plywood; clear coat finish on all sides and edges; with metal shelf rests.

Dovetail Drawers

1/2”-thick solid wood on all sides with dovetail construction.

Soft Close Door Hinges

6-way adjustable; soft-close metal; hidden Euro-style.

Concealed Undermount

3/4 to full extension pull out; soft close metal; and concealed under-mount roll tracks.

Quiet Door Bumpers

Promote quiet-closing and reduce slamming for maximum durability.

Premium Metal Bracket

Metal corner bracket reinforcements in base cabinets for maximum stability.

Environmental Commitment

At J&K Cabinetry, we recognize that a thriving environment is essential for the well-being of our customers and society at large. Alongside our ongoing endeavors to enhance product quality and value, we are dedicated to delivering eco-friendly and health-conscious products.

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akzonobel Lead Free Paint

J&K cabinets use AkzoNobel—a leading global company in sustainable lead-free paints, stains and coatings for cabinet finishes. The presence of lead paint in cabinetry is a significant concern due to the potential health hazards it poses, particularly to young children, as lead exposure can lead to developmental delays, learning disabilities, and various neurological issues.
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carb2 compliant

The CARB2 certification process reduces formaldehyde emissions and protects against airborne toxins. It applies to almost all composite wood products, including cabinets, countertops, doors, furniture, and more. It's important for clients to only purchase CARB2 compliant cabinets to ensure safety and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals. All of our cabinets meet this standard!

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White Shaker - J&K Cabinetry Door
Dove - J&K Cabinetry Door
Charcoal - J&K Cabinetry Door
Sage - J&K Cabinetry Door
Castle Grey - J&K Cabinetry Door
Pure - J&K Cabinetry Door
Pebble - J&K Cabinetry Door
Naval - J&K Cabinetry Door
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Pearl Glazed - J&K Cabinetry Door
Creme Glazed - J&K Cabinetry Door
Hazel - J&K Cabinetry Door
Espresso - J&K Cabinetry Door
Java Coffee - J&K Cabinetry Door
Mahogany - J&K Cabinetry Door
Chocolate Glazed - J&K Cabinetry Door
Mocha Glazed - J&K Cabinetry Door
New Color Coming Soon - J&K Cabinetry Door
New Color Coming Soon - J&K Cabinetry Door
New Color Coming Soon - J&K Cabinetry Door