Save More, Build More: Why General Contractors Choose RTA Cabinets

Squeezing profit margins nowadays is immeasurable, most concerns by general contractors in their projects are about potential delays due to unreliable suppliers and high-cost of materials. Together with J&K Cabinetry, we are here to help you build a good reputation and provide satisfaction to your clients where consistency, on-time deliveries, and producing high-quality RTA cabinets are a standard. Let’s see how we can let this happen for a successful partnership with these advantages in choosing cabinets from J&K Cabinetry.

Affordability Means Saving More

When buying RTA cabinets, it’s most commonly known for buying cheap ones. With J&K Cabinetry, do we claim to be the cheapest in all RTA cabinet businesses? No. Are we the most affordable luxury cabinets you can get? Absolutely, yes! Unlike other companies who uses MDF or Particle Boards on their cabinets where a possibility of changing them in a couple of years might occur because of lack in durability and longevity; here at J&K, we stand for producing 100% high-quality solid wood kitchen cabinets where premium features like soft-close, full-extension drawers with concealed undermount, dovetail construction, and more are a standard to us, meaning: no extra added costs.

RTA cabinets give a variety of colors, styles, and finishes that accommodates general contractors with greater flexibility in their projects for kitchen remodelings. It gives you freedom to pick and choose all different elements that aligns to their needs per cabinetry project. Due to a large collection of J&K Cabinetry, we are able to provide semi-customization to fit even the most unique types of projects. Choosing RTA cabinets shows flexibility that allows contractors, even clients, to make changes at any time if they feel it’s necessary, which is something not doable with custom cabinets.

Faster Turnaround

It’s advantageous to general contractors and home builders receiving cabinets on a quicker time. Where most RTA companies process their cabinets for 4 to 8 weeks, here at J&K Cabinetry, we are committed to turnaround a project faster. We understand that this is crucial to contractors and home builders. J&K average lead time in all orders is from 5-7 days, giving assurance of product availability as we consistently supply a huge in-stock inventory throughout our locations. This is the ideal option for general contractors when choosing RTA cabinets.

Transportation At Ease

We are all aware that traditional and custom-made cabinetry are hard to ship and transport, because of its higher risk of damage since cabinets like these are built prior to shipping. While on the other hand, RTA cabinets are usually not assembled yet prior to deliveries which make it easier to send and ship. These cabinets are shipped in smaller boxes than custom-made ones, this also cuts down costs in shipping which is another benefit to consider by contractors.

Easy To Assemble

Last but not the least, RTA cabinets are made to be easily assembled using a few tools. J&K Cabinetry understands that general contractors typically try to find as many ways to make their projects more efficient and fast. Choosing our cabinets is one of the ways to achieve this. Speaking of tools needed, these kinds of cabinets only need a few tools to put it all together. The only tools you’ll need with J&K Cabinetry products are:

J&K Cabinetry speeds up building and gets a faster turnover to make the overall process more efficient. These few tools are some of the reasons why RTA cabinets make it so appealing to contractors and home builders.

We also offer in-house assembly and charge $20 per cabinet regardless of any size! This is an industry low price for getting our cabinets assembled by our team of professionals.

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